2017 Christmas Gift – Fitness Running Conditioning & Recovery Gift Box



2017 Christmas Gift – Fitness Running Conditioning & Recovery Gift Box

There’s really only one rule you have to remember when buying gifts for the fitness and running obsessed and that’s to find gizmos and kit to motivate and make pre-running warm up and post-running recovery little bit easier, at the same time also mobile, convenient, especially come January when the hardcore detox begins.

Classy titanium-black classy gift box.

A pre-running warm up skip rope,3 post-running massage tools and other winter workout accessories introduced below are nicely arranged in a titanium-black classy paper gift box.

1 - Aluminium cable jump rope

In cold winter morning or evening, before your body is ready to hit the road, the best warm up your body can get is through rope skipping! What does the jump rope do? Simple—it pumps blood to calf and increases the elasticity of the Achilles. It also warms the lower legs to decrease ground contact time—a major component of speed.


This aluminium handled skip rope is light weighted and super smooth!

Cable = 3m/ handle = 14 cm,Aluminium handle + PU covered steel cable, weight 110g

2 - Mobile Foam Foller

Foam rolling improves circulation, which gets the body ready for a workout and helps it recover afterward. And because rolling breaks down knots that limit range of motion, it preps muscles for stretching


This slim foam roller is compact, durable and effective in finding trigger points and knots in your running muscles.

Length 315 * Diameter 95mm, EVA skin +ABS core , weight 400g

3 - Mobile Spiky Massage Stick

Gripping both ends of the stick firmly with your hand, use this tool to rub up and down across the length of your muscles (mostly quads, hamstrings, calf muscles and IT band). This works in a similar fashion to the foam roller, but instead of using your body weight you're applying the pressure with your arms. The spiky balls along the stick add deeper release to the hard-to-reach trigger points underneath your running muscles.


Mobile 3-spike-ball massage stick

415*115mm, PVC balls +PP stick, weight 225g

4 - 3D Hex Spiky Massage Ball

The massage ball is excellent for rolling along the bottom of your feet and loosening up the plantar fascia. Roll across the entire length of the muscle or tendon in a long, controlled motion. For areas around the hips and glutes, putting your body weight on top of the ball and kneading it in circles is great at breaking up tension in bony, hard-to-reach areas.


- 3D Hex Spiky Massage Ball
45*45mm,silicon (hardness 50), weight 55g,

5 - Thermos bottle

When the temperature starts to dip, it's easy to become cold on a long training run - you work up a satisfying sweat on a climb, but as time ticks by your body cools down and, ever helpful, it tries to warm itself. Your muscles start to shake to generate heat and you come home shivering.

This is when a hot drink works wonders: it banishes the chill and can be an excellent post-run recovery potion, delivering exactly what you need to recharge after a workout.

Some choices are better than others, Post-exercise, you need liquid for rehydration, sugar to replenish your glycogen stores, and antioxidants and electrolytes to help muscles recover. Hot or cold, the best recovery drinks provide all four, and should be consumed within 30 minutes of finishing your run. That's when you gain the most benefit. For example, Hot Chocolate - Chocolate milk is one of the best post-exercise drinks around, Prepare powdered mixes with milk instead of water: milk delivers protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin D - these replenish electrolytes and help build new muscle cells.

-Thermos - non tipping suction at the bottom) 235*70mm/450ml, stainless steel

6 - Towel

This printed microfiber workout towel is the perfect addition for your gym bag to keep clean and dry during your workout. Our running towels also make a great gift for runners !

750*350mm,soft microfiber

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New Tab

Pink foam roller x 1
Pink cable skip rope x 1
Lake blue massage stick x 1
Pink massage ball x 1
White thermos x 1
Printed towel x 1

(we cannot swap components between the two different color sets)

Blue foam roller x 1
Blue cable skip rope x 1
Lake blue massage stick x 1
Blue massage ball x 1
White thermos x 1
Printed towel x 1

(we cannot swap components between the two different color sets)



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