Mobile and Compact Bumpy Roller (30cm x 10cm)


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Mobile and Compact Bumpy Roller (30cm x 10cm)

Joinfit Mobile and Compact Bumpy Roller 30  (foam roller) is the perfect accessory for stretching, Pilates, yoga, and a host of other floor exercises. Foam rollers help you stretch tight muscles to become more flexible, improve your core strength, and just generally shape, tone, and massage different muscle groups. You’ll look and feel better with every routine.

Joinfit Bumpy Roller 30 measures 30cm in length, 10cm in diameter.  The shape and material of this foam roller is easier on the muscle while never goes out of shape.

Features Medium-density foam 30cm in length,10 cm in diameter. Very handy and compact, good for carrying in your gym bag.

This model is designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down.

Only 30cm long by 10cm in diameter – makes it an excellent travel companion

Unique Spiral Distrodensity Zone design allows for targeted massage.

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