Author - Joinfit Hong Kong

30 minutes Workout to Boost Your Metabolism

Let’s burn calories before our big Christmas & New Year with this 30 minutes workout! Who doesn’t love feasting on a festival?! Us too! Time to put a little work ahead of time and give your metabolism a boost, so we can enjoy all the delicious foods on the table without busting the zipper on our jeans/skirts! This workout involves running, some dumbbell moves, and box jumps for the ultimate total-body workout, always engage your core throughout the workout, focus on good [...]


Should I use Power Cage and How to Choose it?

A power cage, also known as a power cage, squat cage or squat rack, is a piece of weight training equipment that functions as a mechanical spotter for free weight barbell exercises without the movement restrictions imposed by equipment. Free weights build more muscle and strength than any machine. You may also check out our Power Cage with Platform, we offer Free Delivery & Installation in Hong Kong. Benefit of a Power Cage Safety With weight lifting, safety is always #1. Preventing [...]