How to use a Foam Roller

How to do Foam Rolling or Self Sport Massage for Myofascial Release of Trigger Points Foam-Roll Exercises foam rolling myofascial release sport massage Foam rolling is in many ways like a deep massage—but you give it to yourself. By rolling the hard foam over your thighs, calves, and back, you’ll loosen tough connective tissue (like the fascia, which stretches over many of your muscles and can tighten up) and decrease the stiffness of your muscles. The result? Better flexibility and mobility, and [...]


Ankle Injury – A road map of rehab exercise to recovery

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports, for example accounting for nearly 30% of all running, hiking or mountain trekking.  Understanding ankle sprains, including prevention and rehabilitation strategy, can be incredibly helpful in minimizing the risk of being sidelined by an ankle sprain. Ligaments on the ankle are either stretched, partially torn or completely torn when an ankle really is sprained, . The most common type of ankle sprain is where the foot is rotated inward. And ankle sprains [...]