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    GYM Timer - Large-Digit Programmable LED Wall Timer

    Joinfit gym timer PG021 1
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    GYM Timer – Large-Digit Programmable LED Wall Timer

    • 8 Digit, hr:mm:ss:00  accurate to a fraction of a second
    • Interval Wall Timer helps you keep track of your WOD. With various settings, no matter your workout, you will be able to perfectly time all rounds.
    • ★TABATA STYLE– You can pre-prorgame your own 5, 10 or 20 minute (1 to 4 founds) Tabata functions, by using this custom timer! Tabata is commonly used as 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, but you can customize this setting with the click of a button!
    • ★EMOTM – Known as “Every Minute On The Minute,” EMOTM routines are perfect for getting your heart rate up. Our timer will beep at 57, 58, 59 and then hold a long beep on every minute to clearly notify the athlete(s). With the GYM Timer, you can customize your own length of EMOTM up to 20-minutes.
    • ★ COUNT UP/ COUNT DOWN FUNCTION – with the GYM Timer, athletes have the option to count up or down for their time caps. You can set the clock to your desired time, then watch the clock work its way up or down until you complete your work ou
    • ★ Standard beep volume, loud enough for indoor use in premises smaller than 1000 sqft. (assume no other noise interference such as music)
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    Joinit Track-Specific Stopwatch (OEM PS610 )

    Joinfit track specific stopwatch JAT023 1
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    Joinit Track-Specific Stopwatch (OEM PS610 )