Log Bars (Rubber)

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    Aqua Log | Foam Roller | 2 in 1 | Balance Training | Instability | Joinfit PRO

    Aqua Log Foam Roller Joinfit PRO 1
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    Aqua Log | Foam Roller | 2 in 1 | Balance Training | Instability | Joinfit PRO

    • 2 in 1 : Sport massage foam roller, also a water-weight training bar , two in one!!!
    • Full Body Workout: The sloshing of the water will awake your whole body.  Add more water when you progress! Or fill it up and use it as a 6kg weight bar or “medicine log”.
    • Two handles allow more exercise variations to your current routine.
    • 6kg when filled up with water
    • Train Wherever: the aqua log is light and portable when empty. Just fill with water and you will be all set with a 6kg weight in just a couple of minutes!
    • 58 cm long x 15cm diameter
    • Net weight, 1 kg when empty, 6 kg when filled up with water
    • Crack proof log body made of toxin free PP (won’t crack under 80kg  rolling force and 150kg static force)
    • Covered with firm and skin-friendy EVA sponge layer, great rolling massage tool for relieving muscle fatique.
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    Log Bar | Rubber | Joinfit

    Joinfit fitness log ba J.S.016 6
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    Log Bar | Rubber | Joinfit

    Perfectly balanced, these log bars are great for cleans, clean and presses, military presses, jerk presses, bent-over rows, also a vest arrays of throwing and dragging moves are possbile because it’s made of TPR rubber!


    A great way to build the shoulders, chest and arms while keeping stress away from the shoulders with the neutral grip. An amazing bar for overall power and strength.


    Increase functional mobility and agility, and improve multi-directional stability, strength and power. Log Bar training also enhances balance, timing, and coordination, while increasing calorie burn during and after workouts. Available in weights ranging from 4 to 12 kg.  Sold Individually.


    Log Bar Features:

    • Combine movement and strength training
    • Increase mobility and agility
    • Improve multi-directional stability, strength and power
    • Enhance balance, timing and coordination
    • Intensify calorie burning
    • Available in weights from 4 to 12 kg

    ME-N J.S.016