Sports Massage & Stretching Tools

Foam rollers, Massage balls, Sports Massage Tools & Stretching Equipment in Hong Kong are sold here at Joinfit!

Got back pain or leg pain? Buy foam rollers, stretch board to massage balls here for trigger point release. Work it away with our sports massage and stretching tools!Exercising regularly, stretching properly and taking long soaks in the tub might solve the problem of muscle ache for some people, but others need a little more help in the sore back department. This is where sports massage tools come in, but with such a range to choose from, it can be tricky to know what to try.

Tips for self sports massage

  • Use a foam roller or massage ball to massage your legs. Rolling over the foam roller will allow you exert more pressure, and it’s much less hard on your hands and thumbs.
  • Stretches are just as good as massage for lengthening muscles. Hold static stretches for 30 seconds to lengthen each muscle group.
  • Relax – if you are tense while you massage yourself, there will be no benefit. Get yourself into a comfortable position.
  • Use massage balm or massage lotion rather than oil. Oil tends to just leave a mess and it’s difficult to wipe off when you have finished.
  • Use appropriate sports massage tool to concentrate on trigger points – these are the “knots” in the muscle tissue, and they feel harder than normal muscles and are tender to touch. Massaging these areas can help reduce pain.
  • Warm the muscles, perhaps by massaging in the bath. Warm muscles tend to loosen up better than cold muscles, so massaging in a warm environment such as a bath can help.