Joinfit Barbell 5cm Olympic Grip Plate (Sand-sprayed Rubber Coated)





  • Grip handles have spacious openings fitting comfortably in the hand while the 5cm stainless steel precision hub ensures a perfect fit and ease of loading on Olympic bars.
  • A tough, sand-feel-sprayed premium rubber casing made from virgin rubber covers each one-piece high quality cast iron plate.

Colors:Black body,

Surface finishing: sand-feel-sprayed with less-scratch coating, more resistant to scratch than average weight plates.

1.25kg:dia. 19cm,thickness: 2cm(No grip holes for 1.25kg model)

2.5kg:dia. 22cm,thickness: 2.5cm

5kg:dia. 25cm,thickesns: 3.5cm

10kg:dia. 32cm,thickesns: 3.6cm

15kg:dia. 36cm,thickesns: 4.1cm

20kg:dia. 40cm,thickesns: 4.3cm

25kg:dia. 43cm,thickesns: 4.6cm


Additional information

Rubber coated plate (JM076)

1.25kg single – HK$170, 10kg single – HK$600, 15kg single – HK$850, 2.5kg single – HK$230, 20kg single – HK$1100, 25kg single – HK$1350, 5kg single – HK$350


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Barbell Lifting