Mini Band | Extra Tough | Lateral Resistance Training | Joinfit

Mini Band | Extra Tough | Lateral Resistance Training | Joinfit


  • Ideal for floor-based lower-body exercises
  • Strengthen and tone legs, hips and glutes
  • Great for therapeutic exercise and strength training
  • Secures comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs
  • 12″ / 30cm long and 3″ / 7.6 cm  wide flat band loop, extra dimensions, extra toughness!
  • Available in 5 color-coded resistances, 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 lbs of resistance respectively
  • Can be used anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling.
  • Effective for both upper and lower body training.
  • By using bands for dynamic warmup, you can target the hip and shoulder complexes.
  • When used in conjunction with other exercises these band sequences can help activate the core as well as prime movers, synergists and stabilizers in the hip and shoulder area.
  • (ME-S)


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Mini band (extra tough) allows you do resistance training with your smaller, floor-based lower-body conditioning workouts. Each mini band  (extra tough) has vast extendability for moderate-load standing movement drills/activities too. The bands secure comfortably to ankles, calves, knees or thighs to strength and tone legs, hips and glutes. Our mini bands are also great for therapeutic exercises as well as standard strength training. 9″ long and 2″ wide flat band loop.

Available in color-coded resistances ranging from light to super heavy in 5 different levels. Sold individually.


The 15 Greatest Mini Band Exercises to Sculpt Your Physique

This Mini-Band Workout Will Tone Your Whole Bod In No Time At All

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5 choices of resistance

0.4 mm * 7.6 cm wide x 30 cm long (1 side)              Red              Resistance = 10lb

0.7 mm * 7.6 cm wide x 30 cm  long (1 side)              Yellow        Resistance = 20lb

0.9 mm * 7.6cm wide x 30 cm long (1 side)               Blue             Resistance = 30lb

1.2 mm * 7.6cm wide x 30 cm long (1 side)                 Green         Resistance = 40lb

1.5 mm *7.6cm wide x 30 cm   long (1 side)               Grey             Resistance = 50lb

12" (30 cm) Long x 3"(7.6 cm)  wide band that stretches up to 4 times its length, good for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises.


some exercise ideas of using this products:

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