Joinfit Mini Trampoline


Joinfit mini trampoline offers effective, low-impact, safe and progressive way to exercise, very good tool for ankle rehabilitation.

  • Product Weight: 6kg ; Load Limit: 100 kg.
  • 64cm diameter of effective circular jumping area, 91cm (36 inch) total diameter including the yellow covered perimeter, rugged all-steel frame construction, six detachable rubber-tipped legs, and heavy-duty rebounding surface with safety pad
  • HK$950 free delivery to Hong Kong, Macao and key cities in China. Additional shipping fees apply to other cities around the world.



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The Joinfit mini trampoline lets you do low impact cardio exercise, it is also is an effective tool for ankle rehabilitation, buy a fitness trampoline aka. rebounder for your training today!

The mini trampoline, 36-in (91cm diameter x 19cm high) provides convenience not offered by heavier workout equipment while still delivering effective low-impact cardiovascular exercise. The rubber-tipped legs won’t mark your flooring. Constructed of rugged steel and quality polypropylene, this trampoline also features a SBR vinyl covering over the frame to protect your feet while you work out.   Designed with a 36-inch (91cm) rebounding surface, this trampoline uses your body weight and inertia to enable a unique cardiovascular workout without subjecting your body to the stress of high-impact exercise.

Rebounders, a type of mini trampoline, provide a versatile, effective and fun way to get fit, lose weight and stay healthy. There are numerous exercises you can perform on a rebounder so your workouts need never be boring; boredom being the enemy of making exercise a habit. If you are new to exercise, have been sedentary or unwell lately or are very overweight, consult your physician before you start a new exercise routine, especially a rebounder workout.

Brilliant Benefits

Rebounding offers several major benefits. Exercising on a mini trampoline will increase lymphatic circulation and drainage — important for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. Mini trampoline or rebounder exercises such as double-footed jumps and jogging are effective aerobic exercise that will also strengthen and tone your legs and core. Easy on your joints, rebounding will increases bone density — important for warding off osteoporosis and is an effective calorie burner which can help you control your weight.

Amazing  Rehabiliation Advantages

Oftentimes, a mini trampoline is used to rehabilitate an injured ankle. When the ankle is injured, the nerve cells in the area become damaged. Balancing on a trampoline allows you to slowly retrain the nerve pathways in your ankle to recognize the joint’s position. Once the damaged nerves learn to sense the body’s position, they can readjust the ankle as necessary for balance and stability.

Some ideas of using this exercise equipment:

The equipment used in the video above is not but only very similar to Joinfit’s product. If you love Befit’s Youtube training videos, please subscribe to the their channel.

Additional information

Trampoline Colour

Blue Trampoline=HK$950, yellow Trampoline=HK$950


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