Joinfit Stability Sliders

Joinfit Stability Sliders




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Size:28*12.5*2cm   Weight:0.62kg

The Joinfit Stability Sliders make exercise seem easier without sacrificing intensity, while making your muscles work harder. The sliding motion transforms traditional lunges, leg curls, and mountain climbers by allowing fluid, stress free movement. If your workout space is carpeted, use the the Joinfit Stability Sliders without the booties; if you work out on hardwood, tile, or other non-carpeted surfaces, use with the Joinfit Stability Slider Booties. Package includes two slides, two booties and mesh carrying bag.

Application suggestions:

Sliding Push-up Fly Start in modified push up position, place slider under one hand and slide your slider slightly out to the side. Pull the hand in as you push back up. Finish reps and repeat on other side. To increase difficulty perform this exercise in a regular push up position. You should feel this in your chest and shoulders.

Sliding Mountain Climber Assume high push up position, body straight and arms under shoulders. Put slider under each foot. Draw abs in and activate glutes, slide right knee towards chest and exhale, slide back to start. Slide left knee towards chest and exhale. continue to alternate knees for remaining reps. You will feel this in your abs.

Sliding Leg Curl

Lie on your back on the floor. Place each heel on the sliders near your buttocks. Lift your hips and slide your feet away until your legs are nearly straight. Pull heels back towards your butt while keeping your hips high. repeat untill reps are completed. Y0u will feel this in the glutes and hamstrings.

Sliding Squat

Stand with feet together and place the ball of your right foot on the sliders. Slide your right foot behind you towards your left side. Your knee will bend at 90* in the lower position. Slide your right foot back to the start position, while squeezing your left glute. Finish reps and switch sides. You will feel this in your glutes and hips.

some exercises ideas of using this products:

some exercises ideas of using this products:

By courtesy of moorefitness. Please subscribe to their online training video service if you like their training programs. Equipment used in the video is  very similar to but not Joinfit’s products.

Additional information

Core Sliders Colour

Core Sliders Colour Green, Core Sliders Colour Pink


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