Suspension Trainer – similar to TRX but Extra Durable


Suspension Trainer – similar to TRX but Extra Durable

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Workout anywhere with this lightweight, portable suspension trainer to earn the results you want on your schedule
  • User-friendlyThe suspension trainer can be set up in seconds. It comes with quick snap carabiners and one pull strap adjustment which allow you to assemble it in no time.
  • Versatility: You can enjoy a diverse workout routine with very few components. This is a multipurpose, multitasking device which gives you the convenience of training anywhere. It also takes up less space, and you can exercise various muscle groups with a single piece of equipment.
  • Portability: The suspension trainer is easy to carry even when you are traveling, thanks to the compact mesh bag provided. It can be packed into a bag or a suitcase with ease.


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Suspension trainer such as this Joinfit product and TRX all effectively combine strength, balance, and flexibility to produce an exercise routine that focuses on developing the core.

A suspension trainer is light and completely portable! You can take them along in your vacation bag and not have to skip working out at all.

Suspension trainer has emerged as one of the biggest trends of 2016 and have taken the fitness world by storm. Suspension training has taken off due to the numerous benefits it offers. Suspension training was developed by a former Navy Seal and it is a great way to activate the core as it allows for unilateral movement and provides a pulling motion. Also, you can perform over 300 bodyweight exercises, without the need for any additional equipment.

Today you will find suspension trainers in most training studios and commercial gyms. Fortunately, these can be purchased relatively cheaply here at Joinfit, suspension trainers are suited for use at home, your office or even outdoors. The only requirement is a tree or a door to attach them to and some space to work out. With this simple piece of equipment, you’ll soon be exercising muscles, you never knew you had.


Learn from Tabata Songs about how to make good use of a suspension trainer in a 4 minute workout! Please subscribe to their Youtube channel if you like their exercise programs! (equipment used is very similar to but not Joinfit’s product)

  • 2.5 meter long from handle to handle
  • Net weight: 1.03kg  maxload 130kg
  • Two Suspension straps + Extender Strap + Door anchor + Travel Carry Case

Some exercise ideas of using this suspension trainer:

By courtesy of  UNITE FITNESS  Please subscribe to their online training video service if you like their training programs. Equipment used in the video is only very similar to but not Joinfit's products


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